Green Building Consulting

Surmount Energy is a leader in Green Building Consulting Services in India and serves the country’s top Real Estate Developers, Leading MNC’s and various Government bodies. The services offered by Surmount Energy encompass various design and operational needs for green buildings and ensure high performing operations throughout the building’s lifecycle. The green building services include:

Green Building Certification Services:

Services to facilitate various Green Building Certifications such as those offered by IGBC, USGBC (LEED®) , GRIHA and Eco-Housing as applicable for residential, commercial, institutional and factory buildings.

High Rise Clearance Consulting:

Consulting services and analyses required to achieve the High Rise Clearance required in Greater Mumbai region and other cities of India.

Green Building Analysis and Simulation:

Services such as Energy Modeling and Simulation, Daylight and Views Analysis, Light Pollution Analysis, Traffic Analysis, Disaster Planning and many others needed to achieve Green Building Certifications such as LEED® (IGBC, USGBC), GRIHA, Eco-Housing or for HRC (High Rise Committee Clearances) or simply for efficient, economical and safe performance of buildings.

Building Commissioning:

Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning services that ensure that each system of the building is operating as per design requirements and to meet various Green Building Certification requirements.

Building Information Modeling:

Services for creation of a Building Information Model(BIM) of the building in 3D that provide efficiencies in construction through improved quantity estimation, clash detection between various trades of the building and scheduling plans.

Energy and Safety Audits:

Services for auditing the energy performance and safety performance of existing buildings. The audits result in recommendations for changes in assets and operations that can deliver improved energy performance for the property and basic safety and disaster management for occupants.