Surmount Energy has developed Award Winning sensors that can be deployed effectively to eliminate energy wastage in Commercial, Industrial and Residential settings.

There are a broad range of sensors that are offered many are wireless , and a few are wired. These sensors are patented by Surmount Energy and unique in their ability to work with any installed existing switches, so as to enable them to be controlled by our wireless motion sensors or our wireless daylight sensors. This allows elimination of energy waste for lights, fans, air conditioner and any other devices based on either presence. In the case of lights, daylight sensors are another option to reduce use of lighting. The paybacks on these devices are extremely favorable in most situations with wastage.

Our Technology has been awarded the CII National Award for the ‘Most Innovative Energy Saving Product in 2015. These sensors are being deployed across India in Offices, Warehouses, Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Homes , Parking Garages and many more such spaces where energy wastage exists.

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BUILDTRACK Wireless Sensors