Green Building
Consulting Services

We are one of the leading Green Building Services companies in India and abroad. We help our clients to achieve their Green Building Certification requirements for USGBC-LEED, IGBC-Green, GRIHA, QSAS and HRC.

We served numerous new construction projects as well as existing Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings, campuses and projects to achieve their desired green ratings. Our corporate clients include multinationals such as Colgate and Siemens and we have served most of the large commercial and residential builders in India and multiple clients in the United States.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide a state of the art expertise in the arena of Building Information Modeling . We are able to support both Building level projects as well as Infrastructure projects.

Our capabilities range from BIM model development to support of the complete clash and co-ordination activity during construction. We also produce the GFC drawings needed for the projects. Other ancillary BIM requirements where we have expertise include – 4D simulation, Quantity Estimation, BIM object creation and Rendering/Animation walkthroughs.

Smart Automation

BuildTrack is our brand of hardware and software solutions for Home Automation, Office Automation, Hospital Automation, Building Management Systems.

Our patented range of Controllers, Nodes, Sensors, Switches, Smart Apps and Cloud based Servers are designed to serve a number of solutions that are deployed globally. These products are designed, innovated and made in India and have won several awards including, Postscapes:#IoT People’s Choice Award, the CII National Award for the Most Innovative Energy Saving Product and Technovation Award from IESA (Indian Electronic & Semiconductor Assn)

Software Development Services

We provide custom software development services for a broad range of platforms commonly used in the industry. The objective of our developments are usually to enable productivity and efficiency in Enterprise level business processes by connecting together various available data sources and applying some of the more recent technologies like IoT, Spatial Mapping, AI/ML, BIM and more.

Our expertise extends to PHP, Python, .NET and more as well as the development of Apps for Android and iOS platforms. We are experienced in the integration of Voice Assistant skills and more. We are members of Autodesk Developer Network.