Surmount Energy has developed a suite of award winning Smart Automation solutions that are offered under its BuildTrack brand. These are solutions that serve the following needs.

Home Automation

Smart App controlled Lights, Fans, Air Conditioner, Curtains, TV’s, Video Door Phones as well as monitoring of Safety and Security sensors such as Fire, Gas Leak and Intrusion sensors.

Conference Room Automation

Smart App controlled lighting, air conditioner, projector screens, projector mounts and blinds.

Building or Community Monitoring System

Centralized monitoring for all Fire, Gas Leak and intrusion sensors placed acrossthe apartments of the building or community through both a computer kiosk in the security center and also via remote apps.

Water Tank Management System

Central monitoring of water levels in overhead and underground tanks, as well as the ability to control pumps remotely to fill tanks as needed. Monitoring can be done in Administrative office via a computer kiosk or Smart Apps.

Building Management System

A single centralized system with the ability to monitor and control systems located within the property such as Water Tanks, Pumps, Generators, Elevators as well as Common Area Lighting.

Nurse Call System for Hospitals

A centralized nurse call system with patient call buttons (wired or wireless) and an acknowledgement button that can be monitored via computer kiosk based operation as well as via Smart App. Call data can be stored for reporting on Nurse Call performance.

Hotel/Hospital Luxury Room Systems

Luxury rooms can be provided with Customized Smart App controls for practically anything in the room, Lights, Airconditioning, TV, Blinds/Curtains and more.

Our BuildTrack platform consists of Sensors, Actuators, Controllers, Gateways along with cloud software and smart apps with remote as well as local notifications. It can operate via the internet or locally as required by the situation. Besides the solutions identified above, the platform is highly configurable to address multiple other types of need. The platform has won many awards such IESA Technovation award in 2014 and the #Internet of Things Awards under the Connected Home category from Postscapes.

Please visit our BuildTrack Smart Automation Website to learn more about our solutions.

BUILDTRACK Smart Automation