Surmount provides a range of software solutions that help address productivity and efficiency through the integration of various data streams and newer technologies. These software solutions range from those supporting various stages of construction and operation of buildings to the requirements of enterprises and their key business processes, including manufacturing and product development.

Surmount has expertise in a broad set of development platforms such as .NET, PHP, Python and more. We are a member of Autodesk Developer Network and have expertise in most Autodesk platforms including AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Vault and ETO to name a few. Surmount has also integrated other spatial data platforms such as ArcGIS, Google Maps to enable maps and other spatial data into its solutions. Surmount works as an Autodesk Forge System Integrator with expertise in utilizing Forge API’s to enable it within custom solutions. Read Case Study

In the arena of 'Internet of Things', Surmount also has designed and developed its own IoT platform consisting of both software and hardware which it markets under its BuildTrack® brand. The hardware consists of a broad range of sensors, controllers, nodes, switches, cameras and more. The software consist of apps, local/cloud server applications, voice assistant skills and more to support a broad range of applications relating to control and monitoring of electrical assets or a variety of sensors. These IoT solutions serve multiple market segments ranging from Enterprise Automation to Facility management to Smart Cities. Autodesk Forge APIs enable the use of BIM models within this IoT platform to facilitate both access to asset and property data as well enabling visualizations to perform the control and monitoring functions.